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What is Powerful Training?

Our 60+ years of experience as trainers has shown us the power of intentionality and reflection in training employees. When these techniques are practiced, employees gain the benefits of a true learning environment where they are free to both teach and learn. Powerful Training improves a trainer’s ability to relate to their learners in meaningful ways, and to present engaging materials with relevant and effective methods.  Our professional train-the-trainer workshops equip experts in any industry with the knowledge and skills to design and deliver excellent training.

topics we cover:

Let us help you prepare your training staff to engage learners as active participants in learning.

custom workbook


Everyone has the potential to successfully train others in their area of expertise. Our customized workbook leads your team through a step-by-step process to becoming intentional trainers that get results. The book is more than a guide; it’s a participatory workbook that is intended to be used, not just read. 

About Us

Trainer Mary Jo Wimmer
co-Founder & Trainer

Mary Jo Wimmer

Mary Jo Wimmer has been providing professional training and consulting in the areas of organizational development, board development, strategic planning, leadership and management training, and intercultural competency development for over 30 years. She works as a Senior Trainer and design team member for the Blandin Community Leadership Program and is a certified facilitator with the Anderson Center for Leadership and Management. Mary Jo holds a masterʼs degree from Michigan State University in Adult and Extension Education and is a veteran of the U.S. Peace Corps.

Trainer Victor Klimoski
co-Founder & Trainer

Victor Klimoski

Victor Klimoski has over 35 years of experience in higher education and organizational development. He specializes in program design, group facilitation, and evaluation with non-profit organizations. Additionally, he has many years of experience as a training-design consultant with the Blandin Community Leadership Program. Victor holds a doctorate in Adult Learning and Development from the University of Minnesota.

“In Powerful Training Wimmer and Klimoski model what they teach – that the process of mutual discovery thrives on the combination of respect for each learner and intentional training design.”
Sam Rahberg
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