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Our customized workbook leads your team through a step-by-step process to becoming intentional trainers that get results. The book is more than a guide; it’s a participatory workbook that is intended to be used, not just read. 

We believe that everyone has the potential to successfully train others in their area of expertise.  By pairing this powerful workbook with a hands-on workshop that is tailored to meet the needs of your organization, we provide your team with the knowledge and tools they need to excel at training in any field. 

Access the book with a Powerful Training Workshop.

This is not another book on the theories of adult education. This workbook lays out a practical learner-centered approach that you can immediately apply.

Book Reviews

“Powerful Training is not just a description of the component parts of training but is a workbook to apply and test what you are reading. The tools and practices Wimmer and Klimoski offer, moreover, never seem impossible – as though only the most gifted and experienced trainer could use them. They are meant to be practical, and as tools they are designed to be used and adapted as trainers work with them.”

Roy Smith

Director of Education and Talent Development and Rehabilitation and Minnesota State Northeast Higher Education District

“They offer trainers a vision for working as learners among learners, equipping us with the tools to meet people where they are today and to craft experiences that consistently invite new possibilities.”
Sam Rahberg

Director of the Benedictine Center, St. Paul’s Monastery, St. Paul, MN

“Powerful Training offers a powerful teaching and learning method that will skyrocket its users to the top of their game.”

Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP

Professional Trainer and Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Holy Apostles College & Seminary in Cromwell, CT


“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with both Mary Jo and Vic, and believe their passion and expertise in adult learning shines through in Powerful Training.  Its chock full of practical wisdom and examples and provides a clear roadmap for anyone interested in designing better adult learning experiences.  Buffeted as we are by continuous and rapid change not only in our organizations but in our lives, understanding how adults learn and improving that process seems more urgent than ever, and Powerful Training helps meet those goals.” 
Dr. Doug Allen

Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant;
Former President of Ridgewater Community College, Willmar, MN

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