Powerful Training Workshop 

Monday, Oct. 4, 2021 at 1:00pm – Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021 at 1:00pm
Sugar Lake Lodge, 37584 Otis Lane, Cohasset MN 55721
The fee includes:
  • 8 Hours of Training
  • Copy of The Powerful Training Book
  • Single Occupancy Overnight Stay
  • All Necessary Meals and Materials

Powerful Training is a hands-on workshop for people who want to be improve their training skills by becoming more intentional and reflective.



We show you how to gain skill, experience and knowledge as a trainer in this 8-hour workshop. Time is built in to network with others and learn from their experiences. You will improve your training skills by reflecting on your own preferences as a learner and how they impact your choices as a trainer; to create engagement among your learners even in a mandated training; and to move information from text or class to real application. See how relationship building in the classroom affects outcomes. You will immediately apply our design principles to training project of your own and receive assistance as you go.


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Re-Kindling Trust, Strengthening Community 

Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021 at 1:00pm – Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021 at 1:00pm
Sugar Lake Lodge, 37584 Otis Lane, Cohasset MN 55721
The fee includes:
  • 8 Hours of Training
  • Single Occupancy Overnight Stay
  • All Necessary Meals and Materials

Belief in character, integrity, and goo intention of people working together for a common good.



Re-Kindling Trust, Strengthening Community is an 8-hour, highly interactive and hands-on workshop for community and organizational leaders who want to strengthen trusting relationships as people work toward shared goals. The workshop offers practical tools and draws on participants’ experience as they engage issues of trust in their communities and organizations. 

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“Back in April, Mary Wimmer gave us a taste of her tools and her style when she presented, ‘Powerful Training: Practical Tools for Real-Life Trainers.’  Her full workshop is now available virtually!”

- Workshop Attendee


who is powerful training for?

We're here to help your experts be successful in sharing their knowledge and skills with each and every person they are training. If you or your team are training employees in health care, government, industry or other fields, your organization will benefit from a Powerful Training Workshop.

Helping experts share their knowledge.

The Workshop Experience

Workshops allow us to dig deeper into this idea of intentionality, transparency, authenticity, and expectations.

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Our intensive 8 hour, hands-on workshop engages participants in exploring and applying our field-tested principles to their current work.

Two-Part ZOOM Workshop

The Powerful Training Workshop, in its on-line format, will help your in-house trainers sharpen their craft, whether they are beginning or experienced trainers. From the safety and comfort of home or office, your trainers can learn practical tools and their application to effective training design. The workshop builds on people’s knowledge, experience and insights in a process that models its core principles. Great trainers become increasingly intentional and reflective about what they do. Powerful Training sets that process in motion.

What you get:

Key topics:

One-On-One Coaching for Trainers


Trainers tend to know where their “stuck points” are – the parts of training that most challenge them.  Having the opportunity for personal coaching helps to leverage your strengths to meet your challenges.  We offer one-on-one coaching to assist you in navigating training design, developing effective materials (including PowerPoint), and working effectively with participants.


Benefits Offered:

Effective Learning Wheel

the workshop process

What will you learn?

- Certificates available for CUEs -

Adult Learning Solutions

“Powerful Training offers an inspiring and easy to follow approach for conceiving, creating and implementing curriculum that supports the very best adult learning.  It helps trainers be more learner-centered and open to the knowledge they create in partnerships with the adult learners in the room.  The workshop emphasizes the learner experience and identifies multiple ways to support different kinds of learning through intentional design and delivery.  Also, trainers are offered multiple opportunities to reflect on their delivery styles and design, encouraging a more conscious and purposeful approach to the craft.”

ann glumac

Glumac Enterprises, Duluth MN

the three types of learners

What's Your Learning Style?

Auditory learn in conversation
Auditory Learner

Auditory learners are those for whom clear, systematic presentations and opportunities to discuss their content are preferred activities for learning.

Visual learner writing on whiteboard
Visual Learner

Visual learners literally prefer “seeing” what the instructor is talking about. They respond positively to PowerPoint, large diagrams on newsprint, lists, handouts, and other forms of showing content.

Practical tools for real-life trainers
Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic learners need physical engagement of some sort to give them an experience of how the content works.

Your learning style affects how you teach. Learn more about how your style can improve your training.

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